2019 - Pilot Airstrike Mike Dorsey Can Land Anywhere
2019 - Packer Peter Obermueller
2019 - hang loose outfitter
2019 - mealtime in base camp after you have your trophy
2019 - Outfitter Werner Aschbacher
2019 - enjoying breakfast in base camp after the hunt is over - Mitch and Jeff
2019 - group shot at the Little Dal airstrip - smile
2019 - lunch with guide Foster Rae
2019 - Guide Cole Hines with hunters Joerg and Christian
2019 - hunter Mitch and guide Anton Spudic
2019 - outfitter Werner Aschbacher and heli pilot Mike Dorsey
2019 - also waiting for the helicopter
2019 - waiting for the helicopter on set out day
2019 - Guide Tom Wood
2019 - Guide Stacey Keeler
2019 - Guide Scott Smith
2019 - Guide Ron Tait
2019 - Guide Foster Rae on top of of it all
2019 - Guide Cass Caron
2019 - Guide Byron Gagne and Hunter Arturo loving sheep hunting
2019 - hunter Bob with Guide Brent Sinclair enjoyig the hunt
2019 - Guide Anton Spudic
2019 - the outfitter family in front of the Grand Slam Cafe
2019 - Guide Foster Rae nestling in
2019 - under the midnight sun in base camp
2019 - modelling for the Mackenzie Mtns. - Cole and Foster
2019 - Guides Cole Hines and Anton Spudic
2018, Lynette, Lukas, Sunny, Anika, Werner
2018, Guide Cole Hines
2018 Pilot "Airstrike Mike" - Mike Dorsey
2018, Guides Ron Taid and Foster Rae
2018, Guide Tom Wood
2018, Guide Stacey Keeler
2018, Guide Ron Tait
2018, Guide Foster Rae
2018, Guide Cody Pierce
2018, Guide Cass Caron
2018, Guide Byron Gagne
2018, Anika, Sunny, Lynette and Lukas
2016 Guide Darcy Peacock
2016 Guide Tom Wood
2016 Guide Cass Caron
2016 Hunters, Guides, Outfitter - Logistics Meeting on the North Nahanni River
2016 I am sure the Outfather gave me the wrong map - or the pilot dropped me in the wrong location. Guide Stacey Keeler
2016 Guide Ron Tait - 65 and another big one
2016 Outfitter Family - Sunny, Anika, Werner, Lukas, Lynette (yes, it was taken with the brochure in mind)
2016 Guide Tom Wood - don't worry, if he is yours
2016 Guide Darryl Dimen
2016 Guide Richard Cherepak
2016 Hunters Tim, John and Pilot Karl Ziehe
2016 Pilot Jonathan Isenring
2016 Perfect photo studio shot - hunter Marc and guide Cass
2016 Blending in - hunter Shane
2016 Lukas with his first trophy
2016 An outing for base camp citizens - Anika, Lukas, Rebekka, Lynette
2016 Outfitter Werner Aschbacher with his 206
2016 The Pichler Family in Little Dal Lake camp
2016 Guide Stacey (on right) with hunter William -telling a story
2016 Outhouse is busy, Ingo! Line up!
2016 Hunter Mike trying for a pick up
2016 Guide Tom waiting to hook up the sling load (radio - check, cigarettes - check, sling line - check...)
2016 Hunters Ingo, Ringo, Heiko ready to brave Hellhole!
2016 Pick up and loading - hunter Clint, Guide Cass, Pilot Karl
2016 Three times repeat hunter Ingo got a South Nahanni tattoo to keep him happy for the rest of the year
2016 Guide Brent Sinclair
2016 Caribou camp moment: Andi, Tom, Ringo
2015 Guide Byron Gagne with the Bighorn in White
2015 Hunter Florent Teicher fulfilling a dream
2015 Outfitter Werner Aschbacher and pilot Karl Ziehe
2015 Guides, outfitters, clients, helicopter engineer 2015
2015 Clients at the skinning shed
Let's rip, boys: Martin, Tanner, Jay
Guide Tanner Sinclair in Paradise Valley
Grand Slam Cafe: Charles, Frieder, Jay, Sunny, Werner, Tanner, Byron, Harald, Chuck, Vero
SNO Commercial - Sunny, Vero, Anika
2013 Season's End: Harald, Stacey, Hart, Rob, Vero, Cody, Tom, Jon, Dave (front)